Wednesday, October 04, 2006

English language

Why should British taxpayers be expected to fund English language training for migrants so they can then compete in the labour market!?!

Why does Britain accept economic migrants without English language skills?

If "lack of fluency in the language condemns many people to poverty", migrants should expect to fund their own language training.

Update: If illegal immigrants can afford to buy their way into the UK, they should also be able to afford English language lessons!


HSBguzzler said...

Like Alan Tuckett in the report says, its us arrogant British ‘blaming foreigners for their foreignness’. How silly of us, of course it our fault, not theirs, that they’re foreign.
And if we hadn’t been so stupid as to invent our own language, and had adopted Bangleshdeshi or some other wonderful cultural ethnic zulu language instead, this problem would never have happened.
Its all our fault, and the British taxpayer should be glad to be able to redress this.

Toque said...

Calling the English language a 'skill' makes it sound like it is a talent over-and-above the competition.

I would say that the English language is much like breathing, not so much a skill as an absolute necessity for the job.

"What skills can you bring to this position?"

"Er, well....I can breathe. Does that count?"