Friday, October 20, 2006

Conservative tax cuts and rises!

The Times reports that "George Osborne [Shadow Chancellor] has categorically ruled out any promises to cut overall taxes before the next election campaign, insisting that any cuts would have to be matched by tax increases elsewhere."

Does George really believe that copying Gordon Brown's policy of giving with one hand but taking more with the other will lead to electoral success!?!

Will the electorate categorically rule out any promises to vote Conservative ever again!?!


alfie said...

Osborne is a real lightweight. Did you see how he hid from Andrew Neil after his speech at the Tory Party Conference... He had been booked for a grilling on Neil's conference show - everyone was sitting around waiting for him but Georgie had done a runner. He'd even switched his mobile off.....

James said...

After seeing Cameron as Leader and all the crap that springs forth from him,
I am convinced the British electorate, just like the Tories, will open their legs for anyone who can give a decent speech. Doesn't matter that most people who give decent speeches in this country say nothing at all, and then take it as a mandate to act on anything their hearts desire.