Sunday, October 15, 2006

Raping the law?

If Ministers are concerned that "fewer than 6% of rape allegations result in successful convictions" as cases frequently collapse due to the woman's drunkeness, what is their target percentage?

10%, 35%, 60% or 100%...

Can car drivers accused of drink driving soon be too drunk to know they were too drunk to drive!?!

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Anonymous said...

Rape is a terrible crime and everyone accepts this fact. A conviction rate of 6% therefore tells us something amazing. It tells us that rape is reported often but occurs rarely.
There are fundamental differences between men and women in regard to mental function. One is that when a woman thinks, she changes her mind. This partly accounts for the high rate of neuroticism in women, the increased rates of depression, anxiety and all neurotic illnesses.
The cabal of Blair's Babes in the present government has repeatedly demanded a higher conviction rate in rape cases, a fact which is alarming in it's denial of reason and justice. In a politically correct regiem like the present one, these women hold more than their share of power.