Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That's Richmond!

It's good to see that the cost of residents' parking permits in Richmond will rise when they are linked to the 'pollution' caused by their vehicles soon.

It serves them right for deserting the Conservatives and voting Liberal Democrat!


Anonymous said...

I can't see these monstrosities of the road being popular for much longer because there will be so many green road policies that will simply force them off the road - literally. And the sooner the better. I see no point in them at all, unless they are essential for rural access.

Snafu said...

Ellee, if there was no point in 4x4s at all, no-one would buy them! They are luxurious, safer for the occupants and I question whether envy causes some of the disgust at those driving 4x4s.

Ironically, increasing the fixed costs of ownership could encourage more pollution as it will encourage more use to reduce the cost/mile of parking!

If we are to chastise 4x4 owners, should we also chastise people in London who use taxis rather than widely available public transport?

Should cement have a green tax as cement production creates 5-10% of greenhous gases

Should beef be taxed for the environmental impact of cow emissions?

What's the environmental impact of the fashion industry? Should people wearing the latest fashions be chastised for not wearing perfectly acceptable yet out-moded clothes that have plenty of wqear left in them!?!