Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Justice served?

How is justice best served by increasing the two year sentence given to Angela Dublin for causing a pile-up in which three boys and an adult died and for which she has shown 'real remorse'?

She was clearly wrong to have seven passengers in the car and it is not possible to fully empathise with the feelings of pain and loss suffered by the families of those killed and injured in the crash.

Should everyone caught driving an overloaded car be imprisoned for five years or just those who subsequently have a crash?

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alfie said...

No, only those who are a soft target should get the book thrown at them. Celebs, ne'r do wells, minorities, illegal immigrants with no insurance and kids from broken homes and dodgy haaircuts should all get off with 2 hours community service - and an appearance on 'Tricia' to tell everyone how society has let them down.