Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blair on immigration?

If Tony Blair thinks MPs are "out of touch" with the electorate on crime, does he believe that MPs are "in touch" with the electorate on immigration?


The Gorse Fox said...

Or tax?
Or pensions?
Or probity in public life?
Or estate duty?

alfie said...

Blair's never taken any notice of us on anything. He is a true despot. A vain and stupid man who actually believes what he says. He has surrounded himself with yes men, creeps and fakirs in an effort to keep those fingernails firmly embedded in the great big bum of power. He has no moral backbone - he is devoid of any integrity and is a serial liar - so anything he says, although believed by him - but not by anyone else.

Can anyone forget Blair's cringingly embarrassing commitment to solve the African problem - virtually within an extended lunch hour?