Monday, February 09, 2009

Why socialism never works

Half of Paris rental bikes stolen.

"success has come at a high price: some 7,800 of the original 15,000 bikes (20,000 in summer) have "disappeared" – presumed stolen – and 11,600 have been vandalised. It is not uncommon to find them hanging from trees in Paris, while several were spotted in Romania last year."


Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

I'm sure that the bicycles found hanging from trees were simply the result of les road traffique accidentes.

Do people actually ride bicycles in the Paris traffic - or just the French? I wouldn't voluntarily drive through there in a tank, not even wearing my lucky underpants.

Actually, now that I come to think of it, I did once drive through Paris in a tank. Je ne regret rien (mainly because my memory is failing).

xoggoth said...

In a non bike stealing sense it probably would because in a real socialist state, a dictatorship by definition, you would have real punishment.

This welfare for the disadvantaged and sympathy for the working man is just a means to destroying us. Once they get in, the working class man will see how socialism really regards him and his regressive viewpoints.

PS I drove through Paris in a tank too. Who hasn't?

malpas said...

Bloody tourists in tanks.
They should substitute horses for bikes (and tanks). they look lovely marching through the Arc de thingummy.