Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breeding poverty

When will the Government realise that eradicating child poverty is impossible when the poorest in society breed like rabbits!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...

When will either the Labour or Tory party realise that it's the welfare system that encourages them to breed like rabbits?

Anonymous said...

One gets compared to Hitler these days to suggest that inequality is not all down to social injustice, exclusion etc but all other factors being equal, failure does correlate rather well to lack of intelligence.

What are we doing to the gene pool I wonder? A recent study showed kids did worse in IQ tests compared to a couple of decades ago. Nowt to do with welfare of course.

Snafu said...

I doubt that poorer children are less intelligent than the children of wealthier parents.

It's far more likely that children living in a stimulating environment with switched-on parents are far more likely to succeed that children left to vegetate by their parents.

xoggoth said...

Stimulation is certainly a factor in IQ but it would be most strange if all the laws of genetics were suspended in the case of intelligence just because it is not PC. The socially acceptable wisdom of all kids having equal potential are as sensible as supposing that parents with exceptionally short legs will always produce kids with normal legs.

I would agree that in our very socially immobile society the brighter kids in poorer homes do have much less chance for many other reasons. We need more streaming in schools (flexible in nature, not the rigid one chance nonsense of 11 plus) with the most promising kids from poorer backgrounds given the extra help we currently waste on the rest. As some teachers will admit privately, much special needs expenditure is a waste, resulting in very little improvement in the least able children.

Unfortunately, that is all against lefty principles. They must all proceed at the pace of the slowest because they all have "equal potential"