Sunday, February 01, 2009

Protecting workers?

Why should British businesses be blackmailed by strikers into hiring expensive local labour when cheaper, foreign labour is also available?

British workers could always accept a pay cut if they are that desperate for the work!

This smacks of a return to the worst excesseses of 1970s style trades-unionism.


J said...

I agree. Too often unemployed Brits sneer at jobs that are lower paid than what they are accustomed to.

My only gripe with this current situation is the idea of a firm not advertising its positions locally - as this was what was reported originally. I have since heard that efforts were made to recruit locally but they were unsuccessful. I have no idea which of these is true.

Your link to the 1970's is very appropriate as this country is on the verge as it has not been since the crisis of the late-70's.

Anonymous said...

Whats happening here is not some firm employing foreign workers,rather importing them en masse. Its like outsourcing but done domestically.

Snafu said...

Why aren't hoteliers complaining that they are losing business!?! These guest workers would have needed to live somewhere!!