Monday, February 09, 2009

Third way?

If the public aren't prepared to fund their favourite charities, why should Government through increased borrowing and taxation!?!

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LibertyMine said...


I do stuff with a local charity. It's a small one, by small I mean a handful of volunteers.

No one is paid a penny - not even out of pocket expenses. About 2% of our funds is used on advertising. About a further 2% is used on supplies to support the ongoing operation - stationary mainly. The rest goes directly to our cause.

The charities that will likely benefit from this are the politicised behemoths that burn up half of their donations just by existing with huge salaries for their top brass, massive advertising campaigns including some very questionable political advertising and pointless special reports.

If the cause is worthy enough, and the volunteers work hard enough the funds will continue to come in recession or not.