Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Post-slavery society

How can school exclusions, gang culture, knife and gun crime, and mental illness that disproportionately affect black boys be blamed on "being born into a post-slavery society"!?!


Life in the Northwest said...

The people who blame all balck societies ills on a "Post Slavery" syndrome are not performing any service to the black communities around the world. It doesn't stand up to the facts of crisis that black communities are going through.

It's hard to equate the hard working West Indians who came to the UK in the 50's and 60's with their descendants who leave school with no marketable skills and fall into crime as a "quick" rich method.

xoggoth said...

Agree totally with Northwest there, something I have said various times (among all the crap) on my blog.

Kids of 16 are shaped by events 300 years ago? give me a break! Just another excuse and even more stupid than most of them. This is a cultural defect that West Indians need to face up to and deal with, just as we whites have to deal with paedophiles, drunks and hooligans. These problems of West Indian culture reflect exactly what happens in Jamaica and Trinidad and have little do with white racism either, no matter what crap the PC sorts peddle.

Generally I have a favourable view of West Indians having lived in almost entirely West Indian areas and frequented entirely black pubs and seen at first hand (trying to flog encyclopaedias in the 70s) the ambition the parents in run down areas had for their kids, in contrast to their white neighbours who where mostly there because they were just stupid and lazy.

This victim mentality helps nobody. It needs the mostly sensible sorts in those communities to address these problems and not listen to the whiners and the PC twats (mostly white) whose advice will lead them nowhere.

Anonymous said...

"Equality advisor to Ken Livingstone"

I think that title says it all. Is it likely The Nasal Whining Pidgeon Murderer would appoint anyone sensible?

Snafu said...

I bet Ken's equality advisor is on a good salary!

Life in the Northwest, the victim mentality is far easier to deal with than blaming your own society for it's problems!

Hitler used it quite successfully...