Sunday, March 11, 2007

Conservatives flying into turbulence...

Does the Conservative Party oppose a new European Union "open skies" agreement that could boost trans-Atlantic passenger numbers by 26 million, create 80,000 jobs and create 12bn euros (£8.1bn) of economic benefits if they want to penalise frequent fliers with higher green taxes to discourage air travel!?!

How will the Conservative proposals discriminate between frequent fliers and families "taking their annual holiday"!?!

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JG said...

The Tories have lost it on the Green debate - as have most of the public it seems. All you have to do is mention carbon emissions and suddenly it seems perfectly save to tax the hell out of the electorate. Some balance and common sense is seriously needed and fast or we're going to be spending billions of pounds on nothing just because Brown, Cameron and Campbell all want to be perceived as Mr Green. Scary.

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