Monday, February 20, 2006

In a flap

Fearing a bird flu epidemic, the Government is to rush a 'Bird ID card' bill through Parliament. The project will only cost £13bn and take 10 years to implement. The voluntary scheme will only require any birds with feathers to carry them.

Tony Blair says "It's a sensible measure that will work" by preventing illegal bird migration into the UK. A British exclusion zone would also be created should there be an outbreak.

Tony Blair has condemned those objecting to the cost, timescale and practicalities of such a scheme as being "weak on bird flu and the causes of bird flu". Every six months, Charles Clarke will announce how far behind schedule and over budget the scheme is not running.

Liberty has condemned the bill for preventing genuine birds from claiming asylum in the UK as they try to escapee the flu. The Commission for Racial Equality is 'concerned' that foreign birds are being discriminated against.

Finally, Argentina fear harmless birds will be destroyed as they head away from any British exclusion zone.

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