Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cheese Eating Surrender Police

How many people are needed to make illegal "gestures" inciting racial hatred before Police decide not to intervene for fear of making a dangerous situation worse!?!

Police have charged a man with racially aggravated harassment for making "gestures" towards Paul Ince during a football match whilst they are yet to arrest any of the protestors who were inciting murder outside the Danish embassy.


Anonymous said...

because the "racial gesture" man wont threaten suicide bombing in retaliation.

there you have it - threaten extreme violence, and you can intimidate the British police into submission.

alfie said...

During the demo - plod seemed totally fixed on stopping cameramen taking any pictures of the geezers with placards. The reason why there is only one picture of the guy dressed as a suicide bomber is because the old bill stopped any more pix being taken of him. So why stop the press? Because we are slipping into a totalitarian state - and the police-no-force are now a political organisation.

What a shallow flaccid bunch of blue bottlers we have as our police force. Hand wringing is the action of the day - Ian Blair and his P.C obsessed P.C.s should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for an appalling derelction of duty......

I wonder what Jack Regan from the Sweeney would make of it all.

And as for the 'racial gesture' bloke - a soft target, easily bullied and brought to account. The person atop the Old Bailey with the scales and sword is no longer blind-folded, she is peeking, looking at our no-heart politicians, asking for approval, garnering favour, prefering to prosecute the weak, disorganised and the stupid.

Steve said...

And Nick Griffin is to be retried for his 'hate' crimes, while people who called for beheadings go free.