Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Finger in the Private Eye

Should I cancel my subscription to Private Eye?

It has caved in to Dhimmitude and not published the Muhammed cartoons in this week's edition but mere descriptions of them!


alfie said...

What...... a P.C. P.E.?
Whatever next?
Peter Cook will be spinning in his grave.

Neil Harding said...

I reckon any UK publication brave enough to publish the cartoons would see deamnd for their publication go through the roof, especially considering 74% of the Uk population have yet to see them.

The only problem would be the number of Muslim newsagents refusing to sell it and the fact the editor and his family would never be able to go anywhere again without police protection.

I suppose would YOU want to take the risk? I don't blame them really. It's good to live in a free country isn't it?

Snafu said...

Neil, would Muslim newsagents stop selling it? There was some violence in an American city a little as Muslim shopkeepers sell alcohol!

I accept the point about taking the risk, I certainly wouldn't trust the Police to protect me! However, all these threats do make me wonder why we need any laws to protect against religious hatred!!

Alison said...

Yes you should. You should also send a letter stating why you are cancelling (i did for wiw) Its the only message you can send. The press is supposed to tackle difficult issues, thats its job. They spend so much of their time putting other lives at risk (soldiers, civilians) after all. Terrorists use the media and the media made a deal with the devil. Screw em ;)

Lone Primate said...

The press is supposed to tackle difficult issues, thats its job.

There's a difference between tackling the tough issues and exacerbating them. Remember, it's the publication of these images that is itself the issue. Tackling the issue is reporting about that. Publishing those very same images, on the other hand, is to cave into the puerile, prurient baser interests of people with little compassion for the sensibilities of others. If you never see these images, is your emotional or religious life going to be affected one way or the other? I doubt it. But if you're a devout Moslem, it sure will. That's the difference.

Put another way: just because your buddy has photos of something horrifyingly embarrassing you did on vacation 15 years ago does not equate to it being a great idea for him to email them to everyone you know, no matter how much of a laff riot he thinks they are. Just because he CAN does not mean he SHOULD. Your feelings on the matter are likely to be very, very different, and what kind of person is he if he ignores your very strong feelings on the matter and posts them for just for laughs anyway? I think you'd have a few choice words for what kind of person he'd be.

The folks at Private Eye have apparently decided not to be that person.