Friday, October 03, 2008

Income tax savings plans?

Is income tax merely a savings plan for some public sector workers?

Having worked "hard" for twenty five years, former Met. Police Chief Sir Ian Blair is eligible for a tax free pension lump sum payment of £600,000 and £115,000 index linked annual pension!


Ex-Pat Alfie said...

But he won't take it all, .. er .. will he?

xoggoth said...

Ridiculous, although it is not all public sector workers. My teacher wife worked over 30 years and paid in 6% rising to 9% of her salary for a £14k pension which, even index linked, does not seem to be a fantastic return. I got half that by paying in odd bits on occasions.

I believe public sector pensions are awarded in proportion to how useless the job is and how often the union calls you out on strike.

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