Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gordon's Economic Mirage?

As Gordon Brown single-handedly saves us from the global financial crisis, does he ever pause to reflect on whether his ten years of "consecutive economic growth" were nothing but a sham!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...


Didn't you know that history was rewritten in the past couple of weeks?

The Goblin King is an economics genius; all this credit crunch and house price crash is due to Tory deregulation, greedy City bankers, greedy buy-to-let landlords, the Age Of Irresponsibility etc etc.


xoggoth said...

Do people not note what the IMF has said, that the UK is least fitted to cope with the downturn? Probably not, democracy is a sad mistake in many respects.

Snafu said...

Xoggoth, Labour voters should be paying the compensation bill having voted Labour into office three times in a row!