Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hideously Black?

Should Blacks and Asians be stereotyped as "doctors, lawyers and architects" in Britain's most popular television programmes!?!

Are Equality and Diversity officers "too black"!?!


Anonymous said...

would these TV series/programs be saleable outside England if they were politically correct?

Alfie said...

Phillips only got the job because he is a mate of Blair's....... and is of course, Black.

I applied for the job when the previous head - an Indian bloke got pissed at an England v India cricket match (he was supporting India, natch) and started to attack a copper, 'stood down for personal reasons', (and the hernia he acquired when trying to carry home his obscene pay off..

I rung them up and said I would like an application form - I told them I was academically probably more qualified than Trev' - and I didn't know Tony Blair - so surely that would count in my favour. I also asked them whether the fact that I was white would bar me from the job...

As she was having trouble answering that question, I asked whether there had been ANY previous white heads of the Equality Commission - because surely an Equality organisation must be... 'equal'?

They put the phone down.

Anonymous said...

I've never met a black chartered accountant or a black architect and I knowmany of both professions. Yours anonymously.

Snafu said...

Anonymous, I imagine they realise that accountancy is a dead-end profession and become lawyers instead!