Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Air screwed!

When will the services of World War 2 RAF Bomber crews be formally recognised with a campaign medal?


Gallimaufry said...

Battle of Britain aircrew were awarded a clasp to the 1939-45 Star because service over the British Isles wasn't recognised by the Atlantic Star, Aircrew Europe (up to 5/6/44) or France and Germany Stars (from 6/6/44 onwards) with the appropriate extra clasps for additional qualifying service for which Bomber Command aircrew were eligible. There wasn't a specific Fighter Command medal as the 1939-45 Star with BoB clasp was for all fighter aircrew in the qualifying period(many loaned by the FAA Coastal or Army Co-op Command etc). If Bomber Command is given its own medal then Coastal Command deserves one as well (Beaufort losses were horrendous) and a separate clasp for the anti V-1 campaign in 1944 should be considered.

Anonymous said...


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