Thursday, February 28, 2008

Incapacity pays!

If the Government is so keen to get people off incapacity benefit and into work, why doesn't it reduce the benefit so it's worth as much as unemployment benefit rather than employ agencies?

Perversely, incapacity benefit even increases the longer it is claimed!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Er ... because they're fuckwits?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

They are indeed fuckwits! The reason (as I understand it) for having sickness related benefits set at a higher level than general unemployment is that those claiming them have higher expenses, eg if you're ill you can't walk to the supermarket and may have to get a taxi, or as is very common people with rheumatological conditions can't prepare food properly so they need to purchase more expensive ready prepared food. Unemployment benefit supposedly being worked out on the basis of what a fit, healthy adult needs to survive each day, making cheap nutritious meals such as a stew that would last a week. That's not possible if you can't chop stuff up, or stir a pan etc

The increase in benefit is a bit of a myth though. It does go up after an initial period, the assupmtion (I think) being that when people first leave work they'll be able to rely on savings etc. However, after that there are no increases longer term.

The real issue is the hidden stats in income support. Vast numbers are on this benefit, it's not incapacity so it's not counted, but many like myself are on the benefit long term because we don't qualify for incapacity.

Nothing I've seen in all the recent announcements gives me hope that there are genuine improvements for getting people back to work, it's all spin and hype from both main parties. Bendy Girl