Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When All Sedley And Done

Does Lord Justice Sedley believe 500,000 false, misspelt or incorrect names on the existing DNA database of just 4m entries should be corrected before the entire UK population are added to it!?!

"It can be said with confidence that the law recognises and will appropriately protect a right of personal privacy." - Lord Justice Sedley.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr Buttle won't mind just getting an apology after being imprisoned instead of Mr Tuttle.

yummymummy said...

Hi Snafu ;-)

Well done (and I mean it sincerely) for flagging this important issue! NPOB is certainly a blog that's one of a kind!

I've blogged about it - and you - here


Snafu said...

Yummymummy, thanks for the heads up!

I suggest you read the posts fully and think about them.

As for the posts you've highlighted above, there is evidence that some Asian men target young white women. I assume you approve of that despite your link to "Sign up to stop violence against women"!?! I'm not aware of any evidence that Asian men are targetting young Asian women as there is a cultural issue at work.

Foreign mothers now account for 25% of all births in the UK. Good or bad? It's your call! Personally, I think that's too high!

Mandela'a fight against apartheid did include leadership of a terrorist organisation, that's on record and I don't think it's appropriate for him to be celebrated in Parliament Square but somewhere else instead. Whatever happened to a statue of Gandhi instead!?! Mandela is merely an icon for the left who have very few icons to choose from these days!

White murderers should also hang. Don't overlook the fact that Johnny Ray Conner murdered a Korean immigrant!

The slave trade was bad, I'm just highlighting Jesse Jacksons stupidity - and hence iconic status by the left! Nothin he says is sensible!

Refugees are stealing our houses!?! As stated in the post, I assume there are no needy familied in that part of Scotland on a waiting list!?! Before we start to sort out all the problems throughout the world, should we make sure we look after people in the UK first!?!

yummymummy said...

Hi Snafu

Thanks for your frank response. I wish these explanations had appeared in your original articles :-) Many of your articles make a valid point but when one looks at NPOB as a whole, it's clear you have a hidden agenda.

Just a couple of points....

1 - Men 'grooming' teenage girls for sex is always disgraceful but I suspect that the issue only received a mention in your blog because the men in question were Asian. Am I wrong?

2 - I'd be interested to hear where your 25% figure comes from but shouldn't you be more concerned about falling birthrates? Racial purity won't seem so important when there's nobody to pay our pensions.

3 - Nelson Mandela fought against Apartheid. Jan Smut fought against us. Both are described on Wikipedia as 'guerillas' who went on to devote their lives to peace. Jan Smut's statue has been in Parliament Square for years so Nelson Mandela makes an ideal companion - wouldn't you agree? :-)

4 - It's strange but... When I saw your article about Johnny Ray Conner's exectution, I thought,'the name sounds quite rock 'n' roll but I bet that when I look at the BBC article the chap will be black' and guess what... He was!!

5 - The economics of the Slave Trade is way over my head but I was intrigued by your closing comment.. "Why didn't Africa industrialise as soon as the slave trade ended!?!". Whatever did you mean?

6 - To be honest, anything that makes the girls who get pregnant to obtain a council house a little less sure of getting one is a good thing :-) I don't know where I stand on the issue of refugees, but I find myself wondering whether they see council houses as a permanent right or a temporary stopgap.


yummymummy said...

To be fair, your blog has made me think about issues that would not normally cross my mind so.... Thank you :-)

I still don't agree with your thinking though.

1 - The BBC has come under fire recently for not being completely impartial, but you were able to quote two stories from the Times so under-reporting can't be that much of a problem. Are Asians more likely to commit sexual offences than the population as a whole?

2 - I accept your figures but falling birthrates are more of an issue. Would you rather births to foreign mothers or more immigration in the future to fill the gap? Of course, there's always euthanasia :-)

4 - If you say that race was not the motivation behind your interest in this story then I'll have to accept that. Apologies!

5 - That's not the case. If slavers came to the UK, removed men, women and children from their families, split up communities and made us feel collectively inferior then I very much doubt that we'd recover very quickly. The Jews only managed it by setting up Israel and they were wealthier and better educated in the first place.

6 - I feel that council housing is part of the safety net we pay our taxes to provide. When people get back on their feet they should rent privately or buy - but I'm prepared to be corrected. I would rather a hard working immigrant than a scrounging native - what do you think?