Friday, August 25, 2006

General Election victory?

At which General election did the UK electorate vote for ever increasing levels of immigration?


Anonymous said...

Effectively at every election since 1997 - not they were told about it.

Anonymous said...

This, as an unspken policy of Government, both Conservative and Labour, has continued ever since the Conservative Party closed their minds and hearts to the voice of one who literally was 'crying in the wilderness'!

I refer, of course, to the mighty intellect and mind of the Right Honourable John Enoch Powell, MBE, whose prophetic speech of April 10, 1968, which was traduced by both the mainstream media, many of his own Party, and of course, the lick-spittles and cronies of the liberal Left!

Not many alive today would state that he was in any way wrong, or incorrect; but the fools who ran his own party turned amass against him, and one of the finest intellects of a generation was cast into the wilderness!