Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Second longest suicide note in history?

Do any of George Osborne's tax proposals reward hard work, effort and thrift!?!
  • Public sector pay freeze in 2011 - except frontline military or people on less than £18,000
  • Keep 50p top tax rate for now
  • End Child Trust Funds for all but the poorest families
  • No tax credits for families earning over £50,000
  • Threat of tax on bank bonuses
  • Crackdown on Whitehall salaries - anyone wanting to pay more than the PM needs Treasury approval
  • Restore pensions and earnings link
  • Rise in state pension age

It seems like this could be the second longest suicide note in history!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nope. They've come up with loads of extra spending ideas and loads of ways to take money off people.

Sacking a few million quangista is much simpler and so much more satisfying.

Snafu said...

Mark, I'd rather see them scrap motability or increase the public sector pension age to the private sector pensionable age?

The only people who seem to drive Bentley Continentals are footballers and the disabled!