Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BNP v Question Time

Am I allowed to admit that I'm looking forward to a few scraps on Question Time tomorrow night when Nick Griffin appears!?!

PS Will any members of the audience dare to applause anything he says!?!
PPS Would the Green Party oppose immigration if it was good for the environment!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ha! I was so looking forward to Nick G being thrown to the lions (to see whether he bit back) that I turned the telly over to BBC1 three-quarters of an hour ago. Her Indoors then pointed out it only was Wednesday.

Ah well.

Alfie said...

I am sooooooooo looking forward to this. I really do hate QT with a bloody vengeance. David Dumbleby is crap as a chair and ALWAYS lets people like Harperson off the hook.

At least tonight's episode is sure to be interesting - I wonder if those freedom loving chaps from the UAF will manage to somehow blag their way in? Hmmmm, I wonder.