Monday, January 26, 2009


Who will be vetting the 390,000 staff (including charities!) who can view contact details of every child in England!?!

What will the penalties be for failing to update your records on the system!?!

PS MPs will be the only parents exempt from the database...

PPS How likely is it that Victoria Climbie's guardian would have registered her on the ContactPoint database!?!


Tom Paine said...

Logically, if this exercise made children safer, MPs would not have excluded their own. On this point, do we not need an entrenched constitutional principle that MPs can never exempt themselves from laws? I thought we had such a principle ("equality before the law", "Be you never so high, the law is above you") but it seems not. Surely such a rule would a be a basic, uncontroversial safeguard for our civil liberties. They simply should not ask us to do anything they are not prepared to do themselves. It is sad that we need a constitutional principle to prevent them from doing what common decency and a sense of shame prevented in the past.

Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

Here here


monkey said...

This is just a poor effort to try and make right and failed system that continues to spiral deeper out of control.
This will solve nothing and only aid those who choose to abuse it.