Monday, December 29, 2008

UK rocket attacks?

What would the UK do if it was being attacked on a daily basis just like Israel?

Would it strike back or offer money, power-sharing and a voice on Policing!?!

In other news, "the prime minister is expected to urge the public to "display the same spirit" as their predecessors did in World War II."


Anonymous said...

The situation is more analogous to thew Warsaw ghetto in WW2. when the inmates had the gall to strike back at the people who put them there.
They died as a result but died on their feet.

Snafu said...

Britain has crumpled in the face of recent terror attacks...

By contrast, if Hamas insist on poking a sleeping bear, don't be surprised by the response when it is awoken!

xoggoth said...

Whether a welfare recipient who does not want to work or a state holding to an unrealistic or unreasonable agenda and pursuing a war they cannot possibly win, I do not think it ever pays to insulate anyone from consequences of their actions.

All aid to Gaza by the EU should stop, all propping up of Israel's economy by the US should stop, regardless of the consequences. Oh yes, children dying etc etc, but it is within the power of their own government to prevent that by a ceasefire and entering into menaingful discussions. If they don't want to save their own children, why should we be expected to?

Well meaning humanitarian aid that avoids the neceassity for the combatants to face the full consequences of their actions simply prolongs conflicts and even more end up getting killed.

Tommy 3 Lions said...

I'm with Israel,The Pallies have been told often enough to leave em alone. They dont seem to see anything wrong with hiding weapons amongst women and children.They claimed over 500 were killed in Jenin, yet after the battle the true total was 54.

Tony Almeida said... about this? What would the UK do if its relentless bombing just increased the number of rocket attacks? Its a vicious circle - theres no good and bad side here, no ''he started it Miss''.

I would be prouder of Britain the day that we stopped blindly siding with the Israelis. I'm not suggesting we make a pact with Hamas or anything...we just need to re-evaluate why on earth we consider Israel our great allies.

Pablo said...

Unlike the Israelis who are being attacked from short distance in a war of anihilation, the UK is waging wars all across the world for far stranger reasons and has been at war other than its vicinity for years, something that speaks volumes about the fact that it is not the case of the UK defending itself, but being in many cases a militaristic nation that truly loves war and acts like an agressor under a veil of pretended legitimacy. If you step on other people's toes, rockets and bombs are what you get; so perhaps you should try to play games other than "Empire", and you will get smiles instead of explosives.