Thursday, December 18, 2008

BBC on grammar schools?

If 81.8% of parents think Grammar schools are "much better" than other state schools and 62.5% of parents think there should be more Grammar schools, is it surprising that some parents prepare their children for the 11+!?!

Does the BBC have an educational agenda opposing Grammar schools when so many BBC employees have been privately educated?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes they do.

Are you not familiar with the concept of "pulling up the ladder behind you"?

See also NIMBYs.

J said...

Yes they do.

They are elitist and thus do not want to rest of us or our children to prosper in way they did.

One day the British people will be set free from being demanded by law to pay for their rubbish and I for one will celebrate its coming.

Snafu said...

J, me too!

paceni editor said...

Ed Balls has intensified the attack on grammars. One of the latest ruses involves restriction by county councils on admissions from "cross-border" pupils even if they live within the school's catchment area. Rugby is an example.
I suspect that parents may want to legally challenge this ruling.