Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Free NHS parking

Could free car-parking at English NHS hospitals be subsidised by the forecast £1.8bn English NHS surplus this year!?!

"We don't think it makes sense to spend money that's currently being spent on patient care - getting people treated faster and better - on subsidising car parks. " - Ben Bradshaw, Health Minister.


Sam Duncan said...

This is typical of what I call the "cargo-cult capitalism" of socialists when they try to run things.

Any sensible healthcare business would realise that visitors are (usually) part of patient care, and - within reasonable limits - to be encouraged. I've found that NHS employees generally do, and are opposed to parking charges (the fact that, in Scotland at least, they are charged as well probably has something to do with it, too). It would be interesting to know how many independent hospitals charge for parking.

Snafu said...

Sam, the independent hospital I visited recently provided free parking!