Thursday, March 27, 2008

Asylum seeking

Why did Congoan, Iranian and Somalian asylum seekers flee to the UK rather than to a neighbouring country!?!

Asylum seekers tell their stories

Britain should do what's best for Britain rather than foreign nationals!


xoggoth said...

Can't find the link but a couple of days back there was an item that says many coming to the EU get citizenship in another EU country and then travel to the UK. Apparently we are not racist like the Germans are. More fools us maybe.

Umbongo said...

One of the asylum seekers is quoted thus:

"The only thing that has been going through my head was why did I come to the UK - I made a very big mistake."

There's a very simple and obvious solution for this young lady so what is stopping her adopting it? Or are we holding her here by force?

Snafu said...

Umbongo, I'd expect any genuine asylum seeker to be grateful they had found sanctuary rather than fearing they had made a big mistake!!