Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Alan Balls!

"And the days where many people could leave school at 16 without qualifications and work their way up into a fulfilling and rewarding career are behind us." - Schools Secretary, Ed Balls.

"Alan [Johnson, Education Secretary] is a product of the Labour and trade union movement, born into a working class family, he left school at 15 with no qualifications. He became a postman at 18." - www.labour.org.uk.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one!

Snafu said...

Mark, I guess it depends upon whether being Education Secretary or come to that, even an MP, is deemed a "fulfilling and rewarding" career!!

Anonymous said...

Quite. He left school at 15 with no qualifications, and has sponged off the taxpayer ever since.

IanP said...

So no more Alan Sugar's, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates and most of the world's entrepreneurs.

School, College and University drop outs all of them.

A nice ordered society instead.

Snafu said...

Perhaps being unqualified thirty or forty years ago still meant you had a better level of education ago than the unqualified masses (and some with GCSEs even) today!

How else could Alan have found himself a job as a postman if he was unable to read addresses!?!

Malthebof said...

I don't know Ball's background but I suspect that like most of NuLab he has never had a proper job. The usual thing University, party job, think tank, trade union, MP.