Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can the English have their £11.3bn back!?!

Will Scottish Police investigate the racist attacks on two English fans in Edinburgh and Aberdeen as vigorously as the Met. would if, say, two Ghanaians were attacked for wearing their national shirts in London!?!

In Dumfries and Galloway, other vandals removed an England flag from a building and tried to set it on fire!

It can't be long before many in England will question why they have to subsidise such thuggery by £11.3bn per year!

Will anyone be celebrating the 1707 Act of Union next year, either north or south of the border!?!


Anonymous said...

i'd like to point out that 1 of my friends who went on holiday to england was attacked by a group of 4 englishmen, and left hospitalised. all because they heard his accent.

and actually if you knew your stuff you would know that recent research has shown that the supposed 11bn in subsidies is a complete fabrication made up by the english media. out of interest, when will the scots get their oil back?

Snafu said...

I don't condone attacks on your friend either.

If the £11bn is a complete fabrication, how can Scotland afford free nursing and residential care for the elderly and no tuition fees for Scottish undergraduates?

Are you assuming there is a link between Scottish oil and an £11bn annual subsidy? Which part of an extra £1,500 of public expenditure per head do you disagree with?

Is the Scottish economy less reliant on the public sector than England?

Anonymous said...

research has shown that the public spending in scotland is more than made up for by profits from oil, tourism,excise etc, which goes straight to westminster. i suppose you could say we get back what we put in. if you're not entirely convinced go to, it gives all the facts and figures there under the heading ''london are the subsidy junkies''.

Praguetory said...

Anonymous - that is complete garbage. If you have ever seen a bar chart of public expenditure covering the Uk you will note the peaks in Scotland. Your income per head is on the other hand not higher than the rest of the UK. That is simple.