Monday, May 26, 2008

Knives out

Would banning the open display of knives for sale in shops prevent knife crime in the UK!?!

If England's first Children's Commissioner is worried that additional stop-and-searches could antagonize the young, when will unelected officials fret that speed cameras might antagonize drivers!?!

"Another aggravating feature is, what arrogance. The arrogance exemplified by your hand gestures [ V-signs] to the camera as you sped past it." - Judge Barbara Mensah


Mark Wadsworth said...

No and no, respectively.

Anonymous said...

Would they ban the sale of bread knives , eating knives etc?
there are so many useful weapons - razor blades, chisels , screwdrivers - almost anything made of metal can be ground down to a sharp edge.
Not to forget how sharp glass can be.
Prison is not short of weapons. So banning is a little futile.