Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trevor Phillips on sharing

How can Trevor Phillips know that people accept "shar[ing] services such as schools and hospitals with new arrivals" when his own children attend private schools so they only have to share facilities with the children of other fee-paying parents!?!

"Phillips flirted with standing for London Mayor until he decided the issue of private schooling for his children would put his family under unfair scrutiny."


Anonymous said...

Trevor Phillips - just another self- rightous, know-it-all ponce. Another pc twat with zero% credibility! Never mind that he doesn't know what the hell he's waffling about who the hell does he think he is lecturing the true English folk? Damn it all, I wish these settlers would mind their manners! ha! ha!
Phillips is an idiot. Remember the "joke" he made about the Queen Mum's colostomy bag? A)you don't make so-called jokes about elderly people's medical problems b)if you're a public servant you're SUPPOSED TO act with integrity!

Anonymous said...

Don't mind the bloke, he isn't all PC. It was TP who said the problems of Africans with HIV in the UK should not be swept under the carpet and that anyone who wants Sharia law in the UK should go somewhere else. He gets attacked by both the right and by the left.

Completely off topic but thought this looked up your street Mr Snafu.