Saturday, October 08, 2005

White Pupil's Achievement Programme

A scheme designed to reduce the persistent under-achievement of white pupils is achieving good results, the government says. Thirty schools with a high proportion of white pupils were involved in a pilot scheme which began in November 2003.

"We have [] recruited white teachers who are good role models to pupils," says one headteacher. The school has given initiatives a very high priority - reaching out to white parents has reaped rewards. "We have a strong Saturday school - and white children are now a large part of it".

Schools Minister Andrew Adonis agrees, "White pupils are closing the attainment gap and our strategies are delivering year-on-year improvement".

Racist? Not at all!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice bit of editing there, Snafu; and to understand your own little comment one had to open the link!
I despair at the lying, twisting ways of this Labour Administration; except that if one looks back around ten years, and a little deeper than just on the surface, we've seen it all before, but coloured blue instead of red