Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Unite against Fascism, Communism and Islamic extremism?

Does "Unite against Fascism" ever attack Communists and Islamic extremists or do they only attack soft targets like the BNP!?!

Can we assume the Police will be arresting those responsible for breaching the peace!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...


The groups you're thinking of are the well-known and much loved 'Unite Against Communism' and 'Unite Against Islamism'.

novlangue said...

Unite against liberalism? Unite against Guardianism?

It's irritating the way leftist fronts like Unite against Fascism & Rock against Racism are taken at face value by the media. But it doesn't seem to do much good for the left. E.g. the "Greens" ("Reds" wd be better) failed to increase its 2 members (white, middle-aged, and VERY p.c.) at the Euros.

Paul Murphy said...

My Wiki-skit on Unite Against Fascism:


victor peterson said...
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