Thursday, April 16, 2009

Protecting Public Sector whistleblowers!?!

How are public sector workers praised for highlighting shortcomings in their areas!?!

Sacked for being off-message!

Secret filming nurse struck off

Teacher who filmed unruly pupils found guilty of misconduct


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's the curse of the whistleblower though.

Although these two people (there are countless others from all walks of life, like banks or the EU bureaucracy) may have made the world a slightly better place, their lives get flushed down the toilet by the whistle-blowees and it's difficult for them to find work in future.

Bearded Socialist said...

it's disgusting. To me, a nurse protecting people from harm is part of their job. So to be sacked for doing their job, never mind the ethics and morals, is sickening. RRRR!!!

xoggoth said...

Agree with previous chaps. Since the faces of the elderly were blurred I can' see the privacy argument.