Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PC Police?

If black Police Officers had distributed an email showing a white suspect decapitated in a freak accident whilst being pursued by Police, would they have faced a five month long "robust" investigation into it?

Would people perceive the email as 'racist' or just sick? Would there be calls for the Police Officers to be sacked?

It is, at best, disrespecful to the [white] people that live in Hertfordshire - Keith Jarrett, President of the White Police Association!


Mosher said...

Couldn't agree more. It seems the only people making a fuss of the race of the "victim" are the ones with nothing better to do than go through other people's emails.

The guy who got decapitated in the video isn't a "black man", he's a "fleeing suspect/criminal". What colour he is is utterly irrelevant. Unless you're a jobsworth desk-jockey who has to justify his hefty wage packet.

Gary Monro said...

Mosher's right.

But the question on all our minds is: where can we get a copy of the video??

Snafu said...

Gary, I think the report is mistaken. I've only seen four very grisly photos.

There are even some who claim that the photos are faked anyway!